A beautiful mind




Radiating beauty starts from within, meaning it’s time to take a look at your thoughts.

What is a beautiful thought? It is one that allows you to live out and embrace your authentic self. A beautiful thought doesn’t paint a false picture of perfection; instead, it is filled with truth and grace. These two combined allow for self awareness and a healthy desire to make a change.

Beautiful thoughts demand that we treat others with respect and kindness. This is one area that cannot be compromised. I often see the way in which we treat others. On display is our ugliness. An ugliness that is not afraid of showing itself. An ugliness that takes life rather than giving such a precious gift.

  • ●  Describe your thoughts. Are they sad and defeating or positive and uplifting?
  • ●  How do you feel? Have you had a chance to take in the vivid colors of life?
  • ●  How are your thoughts put into action towards others? What would your neighbor say?Do you want to thrive? Think beautiful thoughts, and radiate beauty. I decided that I want to be beautiful! When I feel beautiful, I am thriving. I am most beautiful when I am practicing kindness daily, experiencing grace and truth and extending the same to to others. If you haven’t read my first post in this series, take a look. I reflect on how I wrestled with my response to positive comments. Well, being called beautiful is “beautiful.” So, the next time someone gives me this compliment, I am going to smile with gratitude.  I love feeling beautiful and ensure that my thoughts, actions and attire bring out the best version of me. Physical beauty is nice, but I want to be remembered as being beautiful in the way I lived. If you are granted the opportunity to grow to old age, the wrinkles will come. However, having a beautiful soul is long lasting.
  • Haute Grey Foxes Suggestion: To be beautiful, you must be your authentic self.

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