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I love beautiful things, and I feel great around them. When I think of relationships and family, my heart is filled, and my smile is brightened. Picturesque vacation getaways remind me of the beauty of our world, including the golden sand, blue-green water and crashing waves of an ocean that makes me feel so small.

And, as you all know, I love fashion. Finding a piece that I absolutely love creates so much joy. I feel free and beautiful as I wear the shade of a particular color that is just right for my skin tone. Beautiful fabric and clothing bring out another another thing that I admire — one’s desire to achieve excellence and highlight the best in something, from the meticulous detail of a textured pattern to the unforgettable logo of a brand that gently proclaims timeless elegance. When it comes to the expert craftsmanship of a Gucci bag or what feels like a made-for-me J. Crew dress, I simply feel beautiful and like I am ready to conquer the world. My stride is different, and my posture is a little more upright.

But those things aren’t the defining factor for my beauty. Yes, I want to dress well or see breathtaking sights, but I also want be kind, transparent when I face challenges, do amazing things for others and be compassionate and empathetic to others. Do you only feel like you’re living a beautiful life when good things are happening?

How can you have a beautiful response to ugliness in life? If you want to be beautiful, doing what is right is paramount even when you feel like shouting or being rude. Be honest with how you treat others and what you say and do. You don’t have to be a dumping ground for those who are unkind, though. I am a loyal wife, employee and ride or die to the end. However, sometimes there has to be an end.

Beauty requires you to be kind even when you disagree. Being beautiful is knowing how to exit gracefully. And yes, it requires you to love, even those who have wronged you.

Haute Grey Foxes Suggestion: Find that one outfit that makes you feel beautiful. Take a look in the mirror. Now, make sure that you’re the same beautiful person on the inside — even on days when you aren’t wearing those fabulous exterior threads.




  1. This post is really speaks volumes about who we are and should be as women. Material things unfortunately do govern some peoples life. But, like you impliy in the post, I will not let it define me. I wear clothes..they don’t wear me. Vacations, homes, cars..etc, are great indeed, but Im determined to focus more on internal beauty. Thank so much for this post.

    • hautegreyfox says:

      I have visited you blog…and you are absolutely correct. You wear clothes…and may I add, you wear them well! Much love!

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