BlogHer17: Powerful female voices transcending platforms

Words cannot fully express how amazing and impactful my experience was at BlogHer17.  From the moment I pulled up to the Waldorf Astoria at Bonnet Creek Resort, I could feel the amazing energy at the resort. Customer service was unlike any other than I had received. The employees were genuine, kind, and helpful. As a guest, you felt the sense that everyone truly enjoyed making you comfortable.

I have a lot to share, so I’ll be detailing my experience in three parts. Stay with me as I introduce the beautiful conference location and come back next week as I go into detail about some of the amazing women who are doing incredible things with their talents.

Picture this…Freshly cut topiaries. Colorful crape myrtle trees. Beautiful palm trees. The grounds were immaculate, and the sprawling golf greens were also a sight to see. The grounds even had a landing pad for a helicopter or private plane. Waterfalls and swimming pools were scattered among this beautiful location, and the cabanas were a great place to sit, relax and take in the moment.

If you were hungry, no problem! One of the six restaurants or bars had food fit for a king or queen complete with delicious adult and non-alcoholic beverages. Trust me, the food was absolutely delicious.
If you wanted to take some time to burn off a delicious meals, the fitness center was state-of-the-art. You could then relax from your workout by visiting the spa, which was also equally breathtaking.

The welcoming venue was a great start to the conference. I was ready to meet others who had my passion to follow their dreams. I often feel like I’m just getting started, but I’m always reminded that you must start somewhere.

Finding my wings

The BlogHer17 conference had a theme that tied in so well with the calming location. This year’s theme was health and wellness, and the conversations and topics were so interesting that it was difficult to decide which workshop to attend; all of the workshops, keynotes and plenary sessions were amazing.
Following each presentation, I felt more and more like I had wings and could accomplish whatever goals I set. Bloggers Anastasia Ashley and Gabi Gregg talked about how their passion led to a very profitable business.
Here I was in beautiful Orlando, soaking up knowledge from extraordinary women like Tai Beauchamp, Serena Williams, Nicole Young, Carla Hall, Jamia Wilson, Chelsea Clinton, Serena Williams, and Cecile Richards. To view the full list of speakers, visit
I was mesmerized by their commitment and determination to fulfilling their dreams and living out their purpose. After hearing stories from women with different passions and beginnings, I had to abandon the fears that I don’t have enough time to live out my dreams. Yes, I’m 50+, but I’m still here, and I’m living with a purpose.
Haute Grey Foxes Suggestion: I went with open arms, but what I received was more than I ever imagined. Are you ready to be bold and do something new?
Next week, I’ll share what I learned from Flor Bella Boutique’s Crystal Colon.
























  1. Wow this event sounds amazing. It’s so wonderful to surround
    Yourself with like mom fed people. I can’t wait to read your next post.
    But continue to soar!

  2. Blogher17 was truly amazing. I’m so glad that I got the opportunity to attend this year. It was an experience I’ll never forget. It truly has opened my eyes to the power of networking. I’m over the moon that our first encounter, face to face was during an event, that I believe will be a milestone moment in life for the both of us. Can’t wait until our next milestone moment!

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