Finding your cool – even during Menopause

                  Not too long ago, I had the most amazing conversation with a group of my phenomenal peers during a Find UR Cool event. The Find UR Cool event was supported by TherapeuticsMD, which is a women’s health company that focuses on researching, developing and commercializing products […]

What’s in your cosmetic bag?

It’s a gold, medium-sized bag with an “S” on it for Stephanie. On the exterior is a metallic zipper that stands guard to some of my most prized possessions. I’ve accumulated these items over a few months, and I use them almost daily. You can consider them part of the Haute Grey Fox toolkit. Inside […]

Behind the scenes: Preparation, poses and pictures

I love fashion! I say this often, but I really love the way well fitted clothes drape the body. I am so excited to see an outfit that has the perfect amount of pizzazz — you know the pizzazz that makes you take a second look. I also love how people can show their personality […]

Photoshoots your way – at your home

When I started blogging, I was concerned about having enough images to post on my blog. My husband takes my blog pictures, but I knew I needed a solid plan if I wanted to have a great blog, so I researched how I could do photoshoots — even if my personal photographer (my husband) was unavailable. […]

Hit the pause button: The power of photography

If you follow me on Instagram (@hautegreyfox), it’s pretty easy to see how much I love photography. I take photos as much as I can, and I’ll use my phone or my professional camera to capture moments — from silly to serious. There are moments that were captured intentionally or candidly, but all of the […]

2018 Back to the Basics

Happy New Year, Haute Grey Foxes!  It’s great to be back with you all on the blog. Before we catch up, let’s jump right to the million-dollar question:  Who has already broken their resolution for 2018?  Did you eat that slice of cake?  Spend a little too much on that outfit? It’s okay.  No judgement […]

Meeting the beautiful minds at BlogHer17

I love beautiful things. But there’s one more thing that gets me even more excited — connecting with the beautiful minds of authentic people. If you missed my last post, I began detailing my experience at BlogHer17 in Orlando, which was a time I will never forget. In addition to hearing from amazing speakers (read more in last […]

Location, Location, Location

With a plan, comes a back-up plan   A few weeks ago,  I planned a photoshoot at a popular downtown location. It was the golden hour, the weather was perfect, and I was in a great mood. As usual, I arrived 30 minutes early to assess the area. I soon discovered that there was a […]

Fashion speaks –make sure you know what your style says

Just like life, fashion speaks to us from the inside-out. During a discussion with a blogger friend, I mentioned how much I love her fierce style. She rocks a pair of Classic Chuck Taylors with dresses, pants or skirts, and it is so amazing! Her style is an effortless and masterful one  that is not […]

Passionate about something? Tell the world!

I am absolutely crazy about fashion.  Whether it’s casual, exotic, vibrant, sexy, preppy, elegant,  or bohemian — you name it, and I appreciate it.  In fact, on of my favorite pastimes is visiting retail stores and boutiques looking for the perfect pieces. Lately, something wonderful has been happening.  When I’m out and about, people approach […]