Fashion speaks –make sure you know what your style says

Just like life, fashion speaks to us from the inside-out. During a discussion with a blogger friend, I mentioned how much I love her fierce style. She rocks a pair of Classic Chuck Taylors with dresses, pants or skirts, and it is so amazing! Her style is an effortless and masterful one  that is not easily duplicated. I asked her to teach me how she does it, and I was serious.
As much as I loved my friend’s style, she loved my style, too. Our conversation ended with discussing ways to borrow elements from each other. This gave us an opportunity to create looks that we admired but may not have explored. This conversation isn’t a new one for us. Us Weekly has their “Who wore it best?” segment. Instead of making it a competition, we use the opportunity to ensure our friends always wear their clothes best.
It is so interesting that two people can rock the same outfit but look totally different. However, we often forget that clothes are a reflection of who we are on the inside. While we may start off with the same piece or pieces, our unique personality changes the look of the outfit.
Just recently, I saw these beautiful pants in the J. Crew catalog. They looked gorgeous on the model. As soon as I heard the sound of the delivery truck, my excitement intensified.  I ripped the package open and immediately tried the pants on with a top that had been waiting since I placed the order. Well, the look was lackluster.
I really love clothes,  and I want to smile and dance with contentment as I parade around while checking myself out in the mirror. I reasoned it must be the top that I paired with these beautiful pants, so I tried on another top and another. Before long, I had a sofa full of discarded tops trying to get the perfect look. What I eventually discovered, sadly, was that I just could not pull the look off.  While I still love these pants and get heart eyes when I see them on the model, they just did nothing for me.
Have you ever wondered, “Why can they wear that same piece and it look so different?”  Well, our internal aesthetic or vibe can totally change a look. Think about your favorite meal. It starts with the same ingredients, and you’ve made it so many times. However, just by adding one new twist, you’ve changed the meal for better — or for worse.
For me, I always want to explore an edgier “ingredient,” but that changes my recipe. I realize that while I love and may even be able to incorporate some of these pieces in my wardrobe, at heart I love feminine and fun clothing.
Haute Grey Foxes Suggestion: Make sure you know what your fashion says about your personality and character. I know they say that imitation is the highest form of flattery;  however, be careful not to imitate a style that just doesn’t work with your internal or individual style.


  1. I don’t know where to start! This post is so good on so many levels. Let me say this , your writing is impeccable. I love the way you convey your feelings, tell a story, then provide advice and insight, all in the same breath. You do all this while giving us the most gorgeous display of your unique style…I love it! You are super talented my friend..on top of being a absolute stunner!

  2. Doll, I think you are rocking those pants! Try them with a pair of higher heels and see if that gives you the vibe you were looking for. Also, try a neutral, structured blazer. Regardless of what I think you have to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing which is the morsel I received from your post.

    Thanks for sharing!

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