Finding my space

Do you have a favorite space in your house? You know — a space that has all of the things you need. I’m talking about a place where you can hang out for hours. Here, you’re able to dream, decide and do.


For me, that’s my blogging room. This space houses a collection of tools that ignite my creative process. I can watch tutorials and sharpen my skills. I can explore different layouts and visuals for my mood and vision board. Even better, I can do all of this while sitting on my comfy velvet loveseat (take a look at my Instagram account, and you’ll see that my loveseat often makes an appearance).



Regardless of my mood, my blogging room is my go-to spot. When I’m planning photo shoots, I go to my dress forms. These help me plan outfits. I can see how colors, fabrics or textures look before wearing them in front of the camera.


If I’m in the mood for research, I head straight for my computer or turn on the television. I browse social media to see what’s happening. What are the latest trends? Are there any new themes to consider with my own blog? I can watch my favorite vlogs and check out YouTube tutorials.

Lastly, my blogging room is home to one of my prized possessions: my photography equipment. It has become quite a collection, but at least I know it’s all in one place.

I found my space. What’s yours? Where can you dream, decide and do?


  1. Stephanie I love this post so much!! It got my creative juices flowing just reading it! This space is amazing! You’re definitely blessed to have it. Keep dreaming, planning and creating in your sanctuary 😉

  2. Veronica S richardson says:

    WOW!!! Truly a beautiful space where one can become loss in the moment, forget about the outside world and simply have relaxing fun! I love your sanctuary, each piece I’m sure was selected with a purpose in mind. I got lost simply browsing through the pictures so I can only imagine the real life scenery.

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