Georgia on my Mind…


Strolling along Forsyth Park, taking in the beautiful sights and hub of activity. I used my Nikon d610 camera to capture beautiful sights along the way.


Eating Leopold’s tasty ice cream is a must have when visiting Savannah. Notice the very long line to get in…… the wait was well worth it!


The Lucas Theatre offers a ton of films and musical performances. If you are in the area on October the 16th, you should check out the classical Halloween favorites at the theatre,



“Alligator Soul” OMG!!! Words just simply cannot express how delicious the food tasted. And the drinks…let’s just say not for the faint at heart. My friend and I were giggling like kids.


So many options on the menu… yes of course alligator was on the menu. Guess you can’t have a name like Alligator Soul without offering alligator. I decided to try the shrimp and grits. It was absolutely delicious! Can’t wait to visit again.


I love macarons, period.


Who can resist a swing in beautiful park? My inner child was so happy.


Although I love to walk, I could not resist riding one of the historic Savannah cable cars. It a great way to go sightseeing.


We sat on a bench near this famous fountain surrounded by the beautiful massive oak trees. This was the most unforgettable and spectacular sight during our visit.


Yes I was in full tourist mode. Do you see the size of the lens on my camera? Better yet, look at the amazing trees behind me. One important thing to remember about Savannah during the summer months is it get hot and humid so be sure to carry bottled water. No worries if you forget to bring water, you can always purchase a bottle nearby.


I am wearing a Lilly Pulitzer shift dress.  Slane and Slane pearls, and  fenestra pendant compliment this look.  Perfectly matched Kate Spade New York Rialto Place cross body handbag,  Lip color underage red by Kat Von D.


My photographer/husband and I enjoying a romantic Savannah GA getaway.


You would think as often as I visit Savannah not much would be left to see.  A recent visit reminded me why Savannah, GA made one of my top 20 destinations to visit multiple times per year.  Although Savannah is a small town it has tons of charm. I am especially drawn to the many landmarks, beautiful sights and delicious food.  What do you love about Savannah?

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