Hello, new year! Goodbye, fear.









How was your 2016?  Mine was spent enjoying family and friends and doing a moderate amount of soul searching.  My year had its share of success but also saw a moderate amount of stress, chaos and change.

Some chaos was awesome.  I’ve been getting better at my photography hobby, being more creative, getting my blog up and running, navigating social media with more confidence, connecting with people with similar hobbies and goals, and more.

On the contrary, some chaos was destructive and challenged me on many levels.  As long as I can remember, I often put others’ beliefs, wants and needs ahead of my own.  Well, at 50-plus, you start evaluating life and asking the hard questions.

*Is there more to life?

*Am I afraid to try something new?

*Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life?

These questions are a great beginning for critical analysis and self-evaluation, forcing a certain level of truth.  When I speak of truth, it’s about more than your own self awareness.  Truth also requires you to be open, honest and transparent with others.  Sounds easy, right?

Let’s be real.  It’s probably the hardest thing to do.  Fear drives us to do things that we really do not want to do, but sometimes we just go along to maintain a certain level of peace.  Just going along may keep the peace, but it is not healthy.  Keeping the peace stops us from achieving our goals; it is responsible for resentment and causes destruction in relationships.

So, I reflect not to look back but to analyze painful/unproductive lessons and focus on what went well.  This kind of reflection is necessary to creating the best version of you.

Each day is a new opportunity — don’t wait.

Something magical happened when I turned 50 — I felt free to enjoy things that I had put on the back burner for decades.  I wondered about the hesitation.  The answer that quickly comes to mind is fear, which is looming self doubt in the back of my mind.  What if I fail?

Here’s what I discovered:  If you are truly passionate about something, it is difficult to fail.  Now, while passion gets you out of bed, you have to also do the work.  Who would have thought at 50+ I would be able to showcase my genuine love of fashion, cosmetics and share it with so many people?

Look out, 2017!  I’m coming to SHINE.

*I plan to grow my Instagram account following and blog reach.

*I desire to connect with more like-minded people and turn my four decade photography hobby into a profession.

*I love trying on clothes, putting on makeup and taking pictures.  I even enjoy sifting through sometimes hundreds of pictures and selecting the ones that will resonate with my instafriends and those who visit my blog.

Haute Grey Foxes Suggestion:  If you are truly passionate about something, it is difficult to fail.  What’s holding you back in 2017?


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