Passionate about something? Tell the world!

I am absolutely crazy about fashion.  Whether it’s casual, exotic, vibrant, sexy, preppy, elegant,  or bohemian — you name it, and I appreciate it.  In fact, on of my favorite pastimes is visiting retail stores and boutiques looking for the perfect pieces.

Lately, something wonderful has been happening.  When I’m out and about, people approach me.  My husband, who has dubbed me “Oprah Winfrey,” finds it amusing that strangers will approach me and ask and compliment me about my outfit.

Most people casually observe and turn quickly.  Others will stare and even approach me, particularly if they’ve seen my blog or follow me on social media.  I am so humbled that someone would take the time to provide a compliment on something that has truly become a passion.

I call my new friends fashion kindred spirits.  I love connecting with those who love fashion as much as I do.  There is something so amazing about discussing a particular fashion trend statement piece of jewelry or discussing who has the latest bargains.

One Saturday, I was visiting some of my favorite stores at the Streets at Southpoint in Durham, NC.  When we are shopping out of town, I usually don’t visit a retail store if we have one in our town.  My rationale, although sometimes flawed, is that I can easily get the item at home.  Also, I am quite the marathon shopper, and I want to maximize my time shopping for items that I cannot find in my local area.

This trip, however, was different. I decided to visit White House Black Market — although we have one in my town.  I saw so many pieces I wanted!  Aside from the incredible clothes, I met the most amazing man!  Not in the romantic sense, or course; this gentleman was the assistant store manager.  After a short conversation, it was clear that he knew and loved fashion.

We began to talk, and as usual, my blog and love for fashion came up.  After a casual conversation, he mentioned how he loved my style and wondered if I’d be interested in doing a style party with the store.  I was intrigued and said I would call him to discuss.

Honestly, I talked with my husband as soon as I left the store.  He was waiting in a nearby chair; shopping is not his thing, but he indulges me.  Lucky me!  Well, fast forward a couple of weeks, and the assistant store manager mentioned it again.  Did I mention that he added that he was serious?

So I accepted the challenge, but quickly wondered what in the world was I thinking!  You see, I am only a supermodel in my head.  Well, after mentioning it to a blogger friend, I was reassured.  She said, “you got this!”  She even agreed to participate with me.  I calmed down and focused on having a great time and connecting with others who love fashion or are simply looking for the perfect outfit for a function.

Haute Grey Foxes Suggestion:  Don’t be afraid to talk passionately about what you love!  One chance meeting lead to the most amazing experience.  We strutted our stuff on the WHBM runway.  We even had photographers to capture this exciting event.  We had so much fun that I decided to have another party.  Stay tuned for another fabulous event!  I am truly hoping everyone can fit in the store this time.


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