What makes you beautiful!




“You are beautiful!” This has been one of the best compliments I’ve received lately. There is something about that word that will instantly brighten your day — especially when the word is about more than your physical appearance.

When my sweet Soror mentioned that I was beautiful, she went on to describe all of the qualities that made her statement true. She talked about my personality, my gentle and kind nature, the level of compassion I possess, and my passion when helping others.

Then, something weird began to happen. As my Soror discussed what made me beautiful, I could feel the uneasiness start to creep in my thoughts, and my self-deprecating comments began to take center stage. My Soror refused to hear such things, ending the scene of negativity as quickly as she shined the light on my beauty.

After that exchange, I wondered, “Why can I sincerely and easily describe attractive qualities in others, but feel so uncomfortable receiving a compliment?”

Maybe it has something to do with conditioning over the years. Have I become uncomfortable with accepting compliments? Am I afraid that responding with a simple ‘thank you’ will be viewed as being prideful? How can I balance humility and confidence as God graciously shapes me into the woman he desires to see?

Beautiful people genuinely value and see beauty in others. I challenge you to take notes for the day. How often do you see beauty? Even in the darkest room, one candle can illuminate a space. Are you looking for the candle or focusing on the surrounding darkness?

Haute Grey Foxes Suggestion: You are beautiful. Now, accept it, and respond to life with this attitude.


  1. Wow! I love this post. I’m also practicing, to just accept a sincere compliment. I know it definitely has a lot to do with conditioning…in my case. Negative relationships..self doubt, etc. I’m at a stage in life where I’m determined to allow God to shape, mold and grow me into the woman he so desires. I know it’s never to late. Thanks for the inspiration. I can’t wait for the next installment. And by the way…you look beautiful ; )

    • hautegreyfox says:

      Elaine…your story sounds much like mine and you are absolutely correct, it’s never too late! We will both get there in due time. Let’s continue to share, motivate and inspire each other. Much love!

  2. Love it! Been Looking for a new blog to follow <3

    • hautegreyfox says:

      Thanks for the positive feedback! Looking to amp up the content and connect with you and other amazing women!

  3. LUcy Hardison says:

    Hello Soror! Love this post! Just followed you on Twitter.

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